Who We Serve

Therapies To Grow On provides individualized services for children challenged by a wide range of delays and disorders. Along with traditional speech and language services, our highly qualified therapists offer a wide variety of specialized pediatric programs and complementary programs combined with helpful support groups.

Treatment is available for children experiencing any of the following delays or disorders:
> Speech & Language Delays
> Developmental Delays
> Cognitive Delays
> Autism Spectrum Disorders
> Social Skills / Pragmatic Deficits
> Neurological Disorders & Syndromes
> Receptive Language Delays/Disorders
> Expressive Language Delays/Disorders
> Articulation Disorders
> Phonological Disorders
> Apraxia of Speech / Motor Speech Disorders
> Dysarthria
> Oral-Motor Disorders
> Tongue Thrust
> Drooling
> Fluency Disorders (Stuttering)
> Voice Disorders
> Hearing Impairments
> Language-Based Reading Disorders
> Written Language Disorders
> Attention Deficit Disorders
> Auditory Processing Disorders
> Sensory-Motor Disorders
Our range of techniques and programs allow for comprehensive treatment and may be supplemented
with complementary programs from our associates.