Support for a New Direction

As part of its comprehensive approach to pediatric speech-language intervention, Therapies To Grow On supports families enrolled in speech and language services and specialized programs with helpful support groups to provide every avenue for success.

Following are some links to favorite resources that may be useful to our clients and their families:
> State & National Associations
> Local Agencies & Resources
> Specialty Techniques & Certifications
> Parent Support & Advocacy Groups
> Home Program & Material Suggestions
> Complementary Therapies
> Disability/Disorder Specific Resources
> General Resources

State & National Associations

American Speech Language Hearing Association

California Speech Language Hearing Association

> American Academy of Private Practice in Speech

Local Agencies & Resources

Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center



Specialty Techniques & Certifications

> The PROMPT Institute
> Talk Tools
> The Hanen Centre
> Scientific Learning (Fast ForWord)

Parent Support & Advocacy Groups

> Parent Advocacy Group for Educational Rights (PAGER)
> Wrightslaw
> National Association of Parents with Children in Special Education

Home Program & Material Suggestions

> Kids' Express Train (Music for Speech/Language Development)
> Model Me Kids (DVD Programs)
> Spectrum Connections ( DVD Programs)
> Discovery Toys
>Greens First (Dietary Supplements)

>Educational Insights

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>Beyond Play


>Lakeshore Learning


>Super Duper Publications


>Fat Brain Toys

>Professional Development Program


Complementary Therapies

Pediatric Therapy Solutions     

Local Online Groups


Disability/Disorder Specific Resources

Autism Spectrum Disorders

> Autism Busters
> Autism Fact Sheet
> Autism Alarm
> Pathfinders for Autism Organization (Parent Resource Center)
> Autism Speaks
> Autism Resources
> Autism Links
> GFCF Diet and DAN! Practitioner List
>  National Alliance for Autism Research
> REI Institute (Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention) "MusicMedicine"
> Social Thinking
Sonrise Program
> The Shafer Center
> Talk About Curing Autism ("Families with Autism Helping Families with Autism")

>Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center


> Apraxia of Speech/Verbal Apraxia/Dyspraxia (National Apraxia Association)
> Oral-Motor
> The PROMPT Institute
> Talk Tools
> REI Institute (Rythmic Entrainment Intervention) "MusicMedicine"

Sensory Integration Dysfunction

> SI Focus
> The Out-of-Sync Child
> Sensory Integration Fact Sheet
> REI Institute (Rythmic Entrainment Intervention) "MusicMedicine"
> The Spiral Foundation: SPD Fact Sheets for Physicians, Educators, and Parents

Down Syndrome

> Down Syndrome Facts
> National Association for Down Syndrome
> Oral-Motor
> The PROMPT Institute
> Talk Tools

Cerebral Palsy

> United Cerebral Palsy
> Oral-Motor
> The PROMPT Institute
> Talk Tools

Articulation & Phonological Disorders

> Speech/Articulation
> Cognitive Disabilities/Mental Retardation
> Mental Retardation Fact Sheet
American Association on Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities
> Fragile X


> Stuttering Foundation of America
> National Stuttering Association

Attention Deficits Disorder

> National Resource Center on AD/HD
> ADHD Fact Sheet
> REI Institute (Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention) "MusicMedicine"
> ADHD Symptoms

Language & Learning Disabilities

> LD Online
> Scientific Learning (Fast ForWord)
> Dyslexia
> National Center for Learning Disabilities
> Nonverbal Learning Disorders Association
> REI Institute (Rythmic Entrainment Intervention) "MusicMedicine"
> Learn to Read at STARFALL

Hearing Impairments

> Hearing Loss Fact Sheet
> Alexander Graham Bell Organization (Hearing Impaired)
> Auditory-Verbal (Hearing Impaired)
> ASL Pro (Online Sign Language Dictionary)
> Sign With Your Baby
> Encourage Spoken Language Through Signs
The Benefits of Signing in Childcare Settings
> Insights from Early Childhood Educators Who Sign

Feeding Disorders

> Treating Children with Feeding Disorders
> Swallowing Disorders in Children

Auditory Processing Disorders


Voice Therapy Program