Our Associates

Pediatric Therapy Solutions
Lisa Moreno and Laura Cooper

We partner with Pediatric Therapy Solutions for pediatric occupational therapy services.  Their offices are joined with Therapies To Grow On so that  we share a gym space. We frequently collaborate on children receiving services as well as share ideas and strategies for the clients we see. Co-treatments are available when recommended by the therapists.

Pediatric Therapy Solutions has been serving children on the Central Coast since 1999. They offer occupational therapy evaluation and treatment primarily for children ages 0-21 years of age who present with fine motor, gross motor, sensorimotor, sensory regulation, visual motor, visual perceptual and neuromuscular based concerns. They also serve some adult clients. In addition, they work closely with parents, teachers, caregivers and other  therapists to best serve the needs of each child. For information please call Laura or Lisa at 805 545-8699